+vivek wadhwa writes yet another piece o

+vivek wadhwa writes yet another piece on how women are accidentally, systematically, under hired, and underrepresented in the Tech company world. SJN Sales has had no problem hiring strong, experienced women, and having those women rise to leadership. Perhaps it’s our lack of a Man-cave, or even the rejection of super-hero theming.
This may seem like a small issue to the fine yound men staffing these companies but the lack of women in leadership roles, heck any roles, tends to lead to products and services that women don’t want because they lack features etc. that having even a few women in the room would have made obvious. That’s me, Deb Taylor, hating Dropbox for its unnecessarily messy interface since it began. Have good day. SJN Sales is hiring. http://ow.ly/tRJz6


About Deb Taylor @ SJN Sales

SJN Sales presents complex intangibles to specific US markets and closes sales. SJN Sales also provides training for professional services providers, from software to health care, who have learned that 'selling yourself' is harder than it sounds.
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