Snowlanta Sympathy Card

To anyone who has the unfortunate fate to be spending an unscheduled overnight in an Atlanta area Home Depot, school, or Piggly-Wiggly, this sympathy post is for you. If you are one of those unlucky souls, the entire SJN Sales team, many of whom have slept on some pretty hard airport and Metro-Rail floors from time to time, send their best wishes for a speedy thaw and a rapid return to more normal seasonal conditions.

For you who suffer in unplanned storm shelter, we offer only a brief reminder of what a genuinely good reason to take a personal day is: you’re in it. Call the office (if you have battery) and tell them you’re offline until the giant ice-rink clears. Do not attempt to muffle or down-play the sounds of the hundreds of people around you who are each calling their own offices, or trying to reach their kids’ school. Remind anyone, in less storm-stuck territory, how much confidence you have in their ability to handle anything that comes up, during Snowlanta, and then politely hang up.


About Deb Taylor @ SJN Sales

SJN Sales presents complex intangibles to specific US markets and closes sales. SJN Sales also provides training for professional services providers, from software to health care, who have learned that 'selling yourself' is harder than it sounds.
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