Happy New Year. Now get to work.

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that you joined SJN Sales in taking a little reflective downtime during the last couple of weeks. Hoping too, that you didn’t spend much of your reflective time stuck in an airport, waiting for that weather delayed flight home.

CES. Yes, The Consumer Electronics extravaganza is the big, press pass saturated, meeting that kicks off the new year. Every channel, online and off is inundated with news of curved televisions and yet more devices for measuring your fitness levels. Yes a couple of SJN salespeople and project managers are making the annual CES crawl so that we can talk to the contacts that matter to SJN clients and review what’s new. If it stays cold, there may be thumb wrestling to deicde who gets the honor of going to Orlando.

But wait. January is full of other meetings with equal or superior opportunities for starting the year with fresh client sales:

NRF – The National Retail Federation is always a huge meeting for SJN sales teams, and a big winner, in past years for our clients. January 12 is coming right up so we’ll be hoping that the weather trend is warmer by the time we arrive.

IBM Connect. Now a monolith that folds in the faithful Lotusphere folks and many others will certainly require more than one SJN project manager to walk the talk to our contatcs, old and new.

Healthcare and science meetings re firing up as well. The list of those is worthy of a separate post.

Here are just a few of the meetings we’ve got on our travel schedule for January. Please comment or email if your particular meeting isn’t listed – we may already be going. Or, we can be persuaded to attend by a client or two prioritizing the contacts.

7-Jan-14 10-Jan-14 2014 International CES Las Vegas
7-Jan-14 10-Jan-14 IDCE2014 New Orleans
7-Jan-14 10-Jan-14 PMA@CES 2014 Las Vegas
12-Jan-14 14-Jan-14 Imaging USA 2014 Phoenix
12-Jan-14 14-Jan-14 NRF 103rd Annual Convention & EXPO New York
12-Jan-14 15-Jan-14 Affiliate Summit West 2014 Las Vegas
13-Jan-14 15-Jan-14 Biotech Showcase 2014 San Francisco
21-Jan-14 22-Jan-14 Health IT Summit 2014 Phoenix
21-Jan-14 24-Jan-14 InformEX USA 2014 Miami Beach
22-Jan-14 25-Jan-14 Create & Connect 2014 Las Vegas
26-Jan-14 30-Jan-14 IBM Connect 2014 Orlando
26-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 SolidWorks World 2014 San Diego
28-Jan-14 30-Jan-14 DistribuTECH 2014 San Antonio
29-Jan-14 30-Jan-14 DesignCon 2014 Santa Clara

Why do SJN Sales leaders attend so many meetings? Because one meeting where we get to meet and greet our contacts, accumulated over long careers, beats flying to Fargo for one important presentation, any time of year.


About Deb Taylor @ SJN Sales

SJN Sales presents complex intangibles to specific US markets and closes sales. SJN Sales also provides training for professional services providers, from software to health care, who have learned that 'selling yourself' is harder than it sounds.
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