16 more great things learned by SJN clients and staff, after age 30

It’s taking a while to collate and organize all the answers we got to the questions raised by a recent story, on Silicon Valley’s proud young CEO’s, describing the wisdom of their own age discrimination in hiring.

If you missed the story, you can find it here. http://www.sfgate.com/business/bottomline/article/Readers-offer-tales-of-Silicon-Valley-s-ageism-4758726.php

24. Never invest more than you’ll have fun losing on a business that involves something no-one has ever done before
25. Donate generously to charities.
26. Donate to specific projects so you aren’t a chump.
27. Donate your time doing something that is one of your skills, not something that an under-employed person should be hired to do.
28. If you spend more on the t-shirts, lunch, event planning, and publicity, than the project for charity raises, it is not charity and is not worth your Saturday.
29. Eat lunch. You’ll find you regret less of what you say and do in the afternoon
30. Curse less. There are still people on the planet that are offended
31. Study up. Do your homework.
32. There are no short-cuts (Thanks Rafe)
33. If in 5000 years no-one has ever paired salmon with grape soda, there is probably a good reason
34. Dress for the job you want.
35. Say thank you to every service person. No one is invisible
36. Business travel is sometimes essential but almost never has to be done on no notice.
37. We used to all have digital sabbaticals. Now my car interferes with my weekly digital break. Think before electronically snacking.
38. Mom was younger than I thought and knew more than I ever guessed
39. Everyone gets scared. Try not to be a jerk when you’re one of them.
40. Written thank you notes matter.


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