HIT and EMR sales will benefit from new patient safety and care outcomes research.

I doubt anyone involved in selling and implementing HIT and especially HER technology solutions has missed the quiet chatter, and sometimes loud physician executive objections, focused on how HIT can compromise patient care and patient safety while adding to physician and other clinical staff burdens when providing care.

I am genuinely delighted to hear that “a new round of funding was announced for a grant program, Improving Patient Safety Through Simulation Research, by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). I am pleased to report that we have been awarded a three-year, $1 million grant to pursue this work. Dr. Gold is Principal Investigator of the project and several faculty in our informatics program, including myself (Dr. Hersh), are Co-Investigators.”
–Improving patient safety through EHR simulation

As a long-time professional active in advocating judicious implementation of EHR and other healthcare IT innovations, I believe that the time has come to subject all of the electronic records and associated usage protocols that are currently implemented, and some are taking for granted, as effective and safe aids to quality care, to rigorous research on how patient care outcomes are impacted.

EHR and other tools can bring great efficiency, and I would argue increased patient care and safety, to care management IF PROPERLY implemented and put into the appropriate clinical contexts. I think the work of Dr. Hersh and Dr. Gold is an important step in identifying gaps in current usage assumptions and improving care. Every step in this direction helps the healthcare IT industry, including the healthcare team at SJN Sales, make stronger and better inroads into healthcare provider environments, on a shorter education to sales cycle.

SJN Sales healthcare IT group sells EMR, and other healthcare IT and security solutions to hospitals and clinical care entities across North America. We believe that the increasing research into HER systems and specific clinical care EMR modules, effectiveness and outcomes, is all good news for our client companies as they forge ahead into new care settings and full implementation of integrated HIS systems. These research efforts signal maturity within the industry. SJN reviews of several research initiatives, all quite positive in scope and design, point toward a continued robust growth phase. We see further growth ahead as additional research data shows even reluctant organizations what well implemented HIS can provide for patient care outcomes, and deliver in provider efficiency and stability.


About Deb Taylor @ SJN Sales

SJN Sales presents complex intangibles to specific US markets and closes sales. SJN Sales also provides training for professional services providers, from software to health care, who have learned that 'selling yourself' is harder than it sounds.
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