Future of the Mac network

As you know if you’ve been on-site with your SJN sales team, we run Apple devices only on our network.

Why? When we were a small company back in the 1990s, we found that our capacities hit a choke point: where our geeks couldn’t keep up with the change requests, Access stopped serving us. Within a few years, it became clear that we were all confining activity to the limits of pre-programmed products. In early 2003, we moved to Mac OS systems with software so flexible, the CEO can customize it.

What does the increasingly powerful iOS platform mean for those of us using Apple products for work? Open for debate. Here at SJN Group complaints about admin and executive decisions are received on Fridays–so look forward to more after our next knock down meeting.


About Deb Taylor @ SJN Sales

SJN Sales presents complex intangibles to specific US markets and closes sales. SJN Sales also provides training for professional services providers, from software to health care, who have learned that 'selling yourself' is harder than it sounds.
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